Gene Therapy Market

Global Market Analysis and Industry Forecast: 2019-2026


Gene therapy has become one of the most rapidly growing and promising fields in regenerative medicine. As compared to conventional medicine, gene therapy is the single-dose solution for a wide application of diseases, significantly for genetic diseases, neurological, infectious and oncological disorders. Mainly encompasses the use of a viral vector to introduce an intact gene, either directly administered into the patient body (In-vivo) or indirectly via transduction of cells before infusion into the patient body (Ex-vivo), to reconstitute, remove and modify a harmful gene variant.

The global gene therapy market was valued at $1,049 million in 2018 and is estimated to reach $10,443 million by 2026, registering a CAGR of 33.3% from 2018 to 2026.

Factors that drive the market growth involves, Increase in funding for R&D activities pertaining to gene therapy, For instance in 2018 cell and gene therapy companies raised over $981 Million in venture financing, Moreover in 2018 Industry merger and acquisition volume reached to $18.8 Billion with an increase of 26% from 2017.

Increased in No. of Approved Products, By the end of Q3 2019 there are a total of 15 approved cell and gene therapy products, In 2017 FDA approves KYMRIAH®, YESCARTA®, and LUXTURNA®, In 2019 ZOLGENSMA®, ZYNTEGLO® and COLLATEGENE® get market approval in the U.S., EU, and Japan respectively.

Other factors that boost the market growth involve; increase in government support, ethical acceptance of gene therapy for cancer treatment, the rise in the prevalence of cancer and an increase in awareness regarding gene therapy.

However, the high cost associated with the treatment (KYMRIAH® cost around $475,000, and LUXTURNA® costs $425,000 per Eye) and unwanted immune responses is expected to hamper the market growth.

The report also presents a detailed quantitative analysis of the current market trends and future estimations from 2018 to 2026.

The forecasts cover 2 Vector Type with 13 Subcategories, 8 Gene Type, 6 Application Type, 4 Regions, and 16 Countries.

The report comes with an associated file covering quantitative data from all numeric forecasts presented in the report.


The report has the following key findings:

  • The global gene therapy market accounted for $1,049 million in 2018 and is estimated to reach $10,443 million by 2026, registering a CAGR of 33.3% from 2018 to 2026.

  • The viral vector segment was valued at $566 million in 2018 and is estimated to reach $5264 million by 2026, registering a CAGR of 32.1% from 2018 to 2026.

  • Non-viral vector segment exhibits the highest growth rate in the forecast.

  • Antigen was the largest contributor among the gene type segments.

  • The oncological disorders segment currently holds 65% of the market share and is expected to continue its dominance in the future, follows by the rare disease segment.

  • North America dominated the global gene therapy market in 2018 and is projected to continue its dominance in the future.

  • China is expected to grow the highest in the Asia-Pacific region during the forecast period.


The report covers the following topics:

  • Market drivers, restraints, and opportunities

  • Porter's Five Forces Analysis

  • Top Winning Strategies, Top Investment Pockets

  • Analysis of By Vector Type, By Gene Type, By Application Type and By Region

  • CAR T-Cell Applications, Limitations, and Market & Industry Tends

  • 50 Companies Profile, Product Portfolio, and Key Strategies

  • 15 Approved Cell and Gene Therapy Product Profiles

  • 30 gene therapy expected approvals in phase III clinical trials

  • Gene Therapy clinical trials analysis from 1989 to 2018

  • Market analysis and forecasts from 2018 to 2026


By Vector Type

Viral vector

  • Adenoviruses

  • Lentiviruses

  • Adeno-Associated Virus

  • Retroviruses

  • Herpes Simplex Virus

  • Poxvirus

  • Vaccinia Virus

  • Others

Non-viral vector

  • Naked Plasmid Vectors

  • Electroporation

  • Gene Gun

  • Lipofection

  • Others

By Gene Type

  • Antigen

  • Cytokine

  • Tumor Suppressor

  • Suicide

  • Deficiency

  • Growth Factors

  • Receptors

  • Others

By Application

  • Oncological Disorders

  • Rare Diseases

  • Cardiovascular Diseases

  • Neurological Disorders

  • Infectious Diseases

  • Other Diseases

By Region

  • North America:

USA, Canada, Mexico

  • Europe:

UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Rest of Europe

  • Asia-Pacific:

China, Japan, India, South Korea, Rest of Asia-Pacific

  • LAMEA:

Brazil, South Africa, Rest of LAMEA


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